DIY Baby Food Recipes {allergy-friendly)

babies with food allergies

As a mom, what are your baby’s favorite foods? Do you have any babies with food allergies? Our daughter recently turned 13 months, and we have so much fun introducing new DIY baby food recipes to her. Watching her cute little button nose turn up at the things she doesn’t like is truly hilarious. Emory was exclusively breastfed until she was nine months old. At that time, we started to introduce her to pureed fruits and vegetables slowly. She is still eating purees, lol. Most babies at this time are eating more finger foods and chunky purees. Not our little Emory; she likes what she likes. This post is dedicated to moms searching for Easy DIY Organic Baby Food Recipes for babies with food allergies.

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All babies develop differently, and as a mother it’s essential that I create a space for other moms to feel comfortable sharing their truths. Here’s my truth: my daughter is 13 months, nurses at least four times a day, doesn’t eat solid foods, and doesn’t sleep through the night. Daddy and I spoon-feed her organic baby food purees, which she loves. Her favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots, sweet peas, and green peas. We’ve recently had to omit fruits from her diet as we noticed some allergy symptoms. She appears to have an aversion to fruits like pears, apples, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and kiwi. This discovery has led us to believe that she may have a slight allergy to fruits with seeds. She has her first allergist appointment this week. Hopefully, we will get some much-needed answers! Given this recent observation, we have decided to feed her only fresh, organic vegetables and vegetable-based snacks. However, we have found some freeze-dried, fruit-based snacks that seem to be okay.

As parents of babies with food allergies, our jobs are even more critical. As Emory’s allergies have yet to be officially diagnosed, we take it upon ourselves to make note of any reactions to foods she consumes. Thus far, the previously mentioned vegetables have appeared safe for babies with food allergies.


This post provides a few very simple (really!) recipes to prepare for babies with food allergies. These veggies can either be pureed or served as finger foods. If you decide to serve them as finger foods, these recipes are soft enough for those little ones with only a few teeth.

When we first started serving Emory purees I would mix them with my breast milk in an effort to provide a familiar flavor and sweetness. She’s past that stage now. Vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, sweet peas, and green peas are naturally sweet when roasted or steamed. So we were wise to start there. Below are the simple ingredients and supplies you will need to get the job done! My husband and I meal prep all of our daughter’s purees on Sunday, making our lives eaiser during the week.

babies with food allergies


  • Pot and strainer
  • Fresh/Frozen organic vegetables
  • NutriBullet or baby bullet
  • Ice tray
  • Saran wrap
  • Freezer


Organic Root Vegetables (Sweet potatoes (orange/purple), Carrots, Beets) are best roasted as it brings out their natural sweetness. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and wrap these veggies (whole) in foil. It’s best to put them on a foil-lined baking sheet, especially the sweet potatoes. Their natural sugars cause the vegetable to leak a bit. Even tightly wrapped in foil. Roast these veggies until they are soft and easily mashed with a fork. If your baby is beyond the sort of soupy purees, then you can simply mash the veggies for a chunkier final product.

Other Vegetables (peas, green beans, Lima beans, broccoli, and cauliflower florets)

I purchase these frozen organic vegetables from Kroger. They already come in steamable bags that you can microwave, but I prefer to steam them on top of the stove using a pot and steamer/strainer. You can simply add about 3 cups of water to the bottom pot and pour the frozen veggies into the top steamer pot. Steam them until the desired consistency for your little one. We like to give Emory a couple, to see if she will eat them. She puts them in her mouth for a second but hasn’t gotten to the point to where she will chew them up. After they’ve reached the desired consistency, add them to your blending device of choice for 30 seconds or so.


Once the puree has cooled, spoon into an ice cube tray. Wrap the tray with saran wrap and freeze for 24 hours. Once frozen, pop cubes out of the tray and place each vegetable into a separate, labeled bag. Each cube is approx. One ounce (standard ice tray holds 16 ounces of food). Each bag usually lasts us a week. We prepare three different vegetables weekly and rotate them out so that she has a variety at daycare and dinner.

Does your little one suffer from food allergies? What are some of your favorite recipes? Share them with me below in the comments!

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