Hello, I'm Renia! An Advanced Food Allergy and Intolerances Nutritional Advisor (AFAINA), WebMD Contributor, and the creative force and curator behind the vibrant Houston-based blog Black Allergy Mama. In the spring of 2019, at just nine months old, our daughter was diagnosed with several food allergies. That pivotal moment reshaped the purpose of our lives. This digital space is dedicated to celebrating and reshaping the understanding of food allergies.

As a WebMD Contributor and AFAINA, I've sought to establish a more profound connection with you, drawing on my diverse skills to: Cultivate support and encouragement for families on their food allergy journey through shared recipes and brand partnerships. Amplify the experiences of Black families managing allergies by ensuring their voices and stories are prominently featured. Share my personal journey managing food allergies and underscore the importance of food allergy awareness and advocacy.


If you're looking for support, encouragement, and community, as you navigate your food allergy journey, I invite you to join me as the moderator of the WebMD Food Allergy Community on Facebook. This space is designed to be a supportive hub where we exchange resources and engage in meaningful discussions about navigating life with food allergies. Your presence would be greatly valued here.