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Watching my baby transform each day is possibly one of the hardest realizations I’ve had to experience as a parent. Though, while I watch her crawls turn to steps and babbles to words, I am grateful. As my ten month old transitions physically, her diet is soon to change as well. Given that she has been exclusively breastfed it’s a been terrifying to think that she will soon be eating solid foods. Luckily, I have found a few “transition” friendly snacks for babies, that have made the process a bit less daunting. Read on for me details and a sweet discount!

Transitioning your baby from breast milk to solids should be a fun time of exploration. We slowly started introducing Emory to pureed vegetables at 8 months. Each week would would try a new pureed, organic vegetable at dinner time. She’s slowly progressed to an after lunch snack of homemade, organic apple and pear sauce. Although she is now consuming “real” food, breast milk still remains as the sole source of nutrition.

How can you tell when your baby is ready to transition to solid foods?

My daughter would literally reach for our food. Or worse, stick her entire hand in our plates. Now, some of that is her simply being curious, but it also let us know that she was aware that we were eating something different. This led me to research healthy snacks for babies. When researching snacks I had to be very careful, mainly because Emory doesn’t have teeth. I needed to find something soft enough for her to gum, or a snack that dissolved on its own. My first stop was Whole Foods. Assuming they would have an assortment of healthy snacks for babies. Wrong! Out of all the stores visited (HEB, Kroger, & ALDI) there selection was the worse. Furthermore, after looking at the backs of all the snacks for babies, I wasn’t pleased with the ingredients.

Consumer Reports’ testing shows concerning levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead in many popular baby and toddler foods!

Instead, I ventured over to the health food section to see what I might find. That’s when I came across Brothers All-Natural Freeze Dried Fruit CrispsLabels are really important to me and the “all- natural” label caught my eye. During these transitional stages of development it’s important that the nutritional value of all newly introduced foods be sufficient.


Brothers All Natural has been America’s favorite brand of Fruit Crisps for more than 15 years and is the leading provider of All Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps. Their products provide the absolute best quality, all natural, freeze dried fruit snacks. Brothers All-Natural’s fresh fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness: Fresh Fuji Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, Asian Pears and Peaches are freeze dried to retain the flavors and nutrients of the fresh fruits with no additives or preservatives to create delicious, All Natural Fruit Crisps. Their snacks maintain the strictest quality standards in manufacturing. They are allergy friendly and contain simple ingredients that I know and can recognize.


An important disclaimer about these snacks is that they are not promoted as snacks for babies. Honestly, though they are not promoted as snacks for babies, some of the snacks that ARE promoted as snacks for babies shouldn’t be! Brothers All-Natural freeze dried snacks are simply healthy snacks that are acceptable (IMO) for babies transitioning to pureed food and solids.

Emory has one lonely tooth in her mouth. So she needs snacks that dissolve, and/or can be gummed. She LOVES Brothers All-Natural freeze dried snacks because they are naturally sweet, soft and easy to enjoy. Again, as these snacks are not made for babies, they are are a bit too large for her to consume on her own. So daddy and I break them into small pieces and allow her to eat them as she pleases. We offer her 3 -4 crisps as as a mid-afternoon snack or after dinner treat.


If you’re looking for 100% All Natural, 100% delicious snacks for your baby, I suggest giving Brothers All-Natural freeze dried snacks a try. I found these at my local HEB, but you can also purchase them online here: https://www.brothersallnatural.com/ Use my code: GETCRISPS for 15% off your total purchase. 


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  1. I actually came across these in the grocery store today and was curious but didn’t know anything about them. Now I’ll grab a few. Thanks for sharing!

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