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There aren’t many places in Houston that sell allergy-friendly treats, and those that claim to have left me underwhelmed, hungry and annoyed. A friend of mine suggested I visit Awesome Bites Co., an allergy-friendly Bake and Ice Cream Shop in Sawyer Yards. Chief Officer and Baker, Jennifer Thai’s passion for creating delicious, allergy-friendly treats has been a blessing to my life. As the mother of a child with food allergies, Awesome Bites Co. has been a blessing. My happiness and faith have been restored. I want to shout it from the rooftops! I’ve finally found a place where gluten-free AND vegan treats exist.



My current dietary restrictions have odd limitations. Mainly because it crosses the barriers of both gluten-free and vegan. Although I do eat meat, I can not consume dairy or eggs. I’ve found this fusion of needs to be really difficult. Most restaurants specialize in one or the other. It’s either wheat-free OR dairy-free. In addition to these restrictions, I also can not consume nuts. Nuts are often used in vegan cheese and as a filler in most gluten-free bread. I have to be very careful when reading the labels at the grocery store and restaurant menus. As of two days ago, I’ve omitted soy from my diet. This final move has left me only consuming fresh fruits, veggies, and organic meats. It’s been a total blast.


Awesome Bites Co.
24/7 Vacay – Passion Fruit & Coconut Donuts

Awesome Bites Co.

Awesome Bites Co. meets all my needs. When I stopped in a few weeks ago it was for their gluten-free donuts. Unfortunately, they only have donuts on Wednesday’s. Although, I didn’t get to enjoy their donuts I was able to sample their allergy-friendly muffins, granola, and brownies. My goal is to stop in one Wednesday this month to try their donuts. Since altering my diet donuts have truly been missed. Last month I tried the gluten-free donuts from River Oaks Donuts. If I had to describe them using one word, it would be “gluey.” My husband says that somethings just need to be eaten ‘as is’. Everything isn’t meant to be gluten-free or vegan. That being said, I did enjoy two banana super muffins and a gluten-free, blondie beanie bar (made with black beans and chickpeas). I also purchased the most delicious cup of apple cinnamon overnight oats!

I will make sure to update this with my review of their donuts and gluten-free granola. There aren’t many granolas on the market that don’t contain nuts. Awesome Bites Co.’s granola is sweetened with organic maple syrup and coconut sugar; it’s the only allergy-friendly, no refined sugar artisan granola around. Lastly, their scratch-made, allergy-friendly N’Ice Cream is listed as having lots of “personality”, with strong flavor profiles, and creamy texture. Leaving you questioning if it’s truly plant-based! I have to get my hands on some. Oh, before I forget – they have GLUTEN-FREE ICE CREAM CONES! Ok, now you can go!

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