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I’ve created a list of 11 of my favorite burgers in Houston and one recipe. Not being a super fancy chick, I tend to look for a classic and simple burger. Where the protein (meat or veggie) is the star. Though I do love a nice aioli and/or special sauce. My Houston Burgers list also includes one of my favorite recipes for the perfect #meatlessmonday burger.


La Bandita Burger: HopDoddy (Rice Village)

La Bandita Burger – HopDoddy (Rice Village) 

Rice Village’s newest burger joint HopDoddy has a fantastic veggie burger, called the “La Bandita.” Not only is it delicious, but it’s pinkish hue is quite alluring. There are other scrumptious items on the menu like their topped fries, soups and shakes. The patio at Hopdoddy is one of the best in the village.

Lentil, Black bean and Edamame Burger – #TastyBits Recipe

As you may (or may not) know. I cook a little bit. Like, a really small amount of the food you will see on Gristle & Gossip is made by my hands. #TastyBits is where you will find the few personal recipes I’ve posted. My Lentil, Black Bean and Edamame burger is one of my favorites! A simple mix of legumes and vegetables is all you need to make a classic and guiltless burger.

Fried Green Tomato BLT – Urban Eats

The menu at Urban Eats has all my favorite things. The Fried Green Tomato BLT is usually my got to. I pair it with the “Not So Standard” bistro pommes frites. My love for this sandwich is based on four very important things: the warm pretzel roll, tart fried green tomato, the cumin chili aioli & peach pepper jam.



Petrol Pub Burger – Petrol Station 

Petrol serves one of my favorite Houston Burgers. Though I try not to consume much beef, those damn burgers at Petrol are always calling my name. “Cash me ousside” chomping down on their classic “Petrol Pub Burger,” with a side of garlic-parmesan fries, sipping on something dark and local.

Truffle Butter Juicy Lucy –  Craft Burger Food Truck

One of my personal favorite Chefs, Shannen Tune, is a regular at Deacon Baldy’s and I’ve literally eaten everything coming out of his food truck’s pick up window! Chef Tune not only serves some of the tastiest burgers that’ll ever grace your lips, but his tasty fries and shakes are unmatched.

I highly recommend you try two specific burgers from CBFT. The Craft Burger and Truffle Butter Juicy Lucy. The Craft Burger is topped with smoked Gouda and tomato jam, while the Truffle Butter Juicy Lucy is topped with shaved truffles and cheese curds. Good lawd!! CBFT is one of my favorite spots for Houston Burgers. You can now get your fix at Finn Hall, there new home.

Tex-Mex Fajita Burger – Laurenzo’s Restaurant 

Chef Domenic Laurenzo’s Tex-Mex Fajita Burger should definitely be added to your burger list! On National Cheeseburger Day last year, Domenic invited some media out to taste his hearty burger made with 1/2 lb ground fajita beef. This juicy deluxe burger comes topped with caramelized onions, poblano peppers, asadero cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo.



Photo Courtesy of Jax Grill

Voo Doo Mushroom Burger – Grub Burger Bar

Due to the fact that I’ve tried all the burgers at Grub Burger Bar in CityCENTRE, you can trust me when I say the Voo Doo Mushroom Burger is where it’s at. The combination of Absinthe sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese & Tabasco mayo make for the perfect bite.

The Bovine Burger – Bovine & Barley

Downtown’s go-to gastro pub, Bovine & Barley has a burger that is certain to please. Their Bovine Burger is a classic mix of 1/2 lb. of Certified Angus Beef, cheddar cheese and fried red onions strings. You can add other stuff  (like bacon) but it’s sooo good when left alone. Side note: They also serve a great brunch!

Giveback* – Fielding’s Wood Grill 

Should you happen to be near the Woodlands YOU MUST visit Fielding’s Wood Grill. The best burger choice on the menu is The Giveback*, because it’s a mind blowing trio of sliders. Here guests can try three of their best burgers (IMO). Miniature versions of the Wood Grill, Smoke, and Texas blues burgers.

Wood Grill – Angus patty, house mayo, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato, b&b pickles, milk bun. Smoke – Angus patty, grilled bacon, aged Italian provolone, oven-dried tomatoes, grilled onions, fried egg, truffle bacon mustard, lettuce, milk bun. Texas Blues* – Angus patty, grilled bacon, Point Reyes blue cheese, pickled red onions, fig jam, jalapeños, lettuce, wheat bun

The Doublestack Classic Cheeseburger – Jax Grill

Jax Grill is a great spot for comfort food. They offer Veggie and Turkey burgers as well. The Classic “Double Jax” Cheeseburger is usually my choice though. It’s juicy and basic, just like me. Pair it with one of their new happy hour cocktails for a treat!

The “Truffle” – Buff Burger 

Buff Burger has some of the best burgers and fries. What I really dig is the assortment of burger options. The Truffle burger is a favorite, but I enjoy their Ahi Tuna burger as well. Get here for the best of the best in Houston Burgers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Top Ten Bomb Ass Houston Burgers to try!

Thanks for reading!

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