Jax Grill: Comfort food + Shiny New Summer Cocktail Program

Jax Grill is Houston’s “Homey hangout” offering American fare, Cajun Comfort and Southern style!

Houston has a reputation for having very diverse restaurant options, from fine dining to “mom & pop” and so much more. I’ve come to realize that it’s not always about the china and linen napkin in my lap, but more about the way I feel during and after the dining experience. Jax Grill may not be the fanciest place in the city but it certainly tops my list of comfort food spots in the H!


Everyone has their own definition of what “comfort food” means to them. For some it’s all about nostalgia and for others it’s eating something that’s reminiscent of mom’s (or granny’s) home cooking. Given the abundant menu that Jax Grill offers, it was a little difficult to choose where to start but the helpful staff recommended a mix of customer favorites and comfort food classics!

Jax Grill saves all the bells and whistles for eating time, meaning with the exception of preparing the food you basically do the work here. Jax is full counter service. You walk in, assess the menu, place your order, take a number and find a seat. It’s simple. There’s no rude hostess looking you up and down upon arrival, determining how far in the back she’s going to seat you or a server returning to your table every 7 seconds asking if everything’s alright.

We decided to sit in the middle of the action, near the bar.  After allowing our host with the most, Belinda, to order whatever she wanted us to try we sat back and people watched. Did I mention that Jax Grill has an awesome patio, Live Zydeco and Salsa dancing on the weekends, and a full bar? Or that It’s a kid friendly and makes for the perfect spot for a weekend kickback? Well, there is it!

Now back to the comfort food…

Comfort Food
Red Beans and Rice

The Red beans and Rice started us off with a taste of Cajun flare. As Jax is often referenced as a “Cajun/Creole” restaurant it was worth my while to determine the difference between those two categories. This article by the Huffington Post broke it down most perfectly! Cajun comfort food packs great flavor and is often time more of a “country style “of cooking. Both styles of cooking are available at Jax, but Cajun is what you want.

The skewered shrimp and rice was outstanding. I even ordered a second serving to take home to the hubby. At Jax, you have the option of ordering any seafood item “blackened” which is also a Cajun style of cooking. That’s how we requested our shrimp, because we make great choices in life.

A couple other must try’s at Jax are the Deep Fried Jalapeno poppers made with fresh jalapenos and cheddar cheese. The Jax Burger was great and you can’t go wrong with a cup or bowl of their Asparagus and Crab meat bisque. A hearty mix of lump crab meat and bits of asparagus.

The Loaded baked potato is personally a comfort food favorite of mine, I could eat one anytime of the day. Who could say no to a large russet potato, topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon and green onions? I want one NOW just talking about it!

The next time you’re in the heights, Shepard Dr. to be exact, and find yourself in need of some good ol’ Cajun comfort… hop into Jax. The staff is always smiling and if you follow my recommendations you will be too!

POST UPDATE (April 2017)

Jax Grill is rolling out new happy hour special every day of the week through the end of August. Jax Grill will offer drink specials, some offered all day. From deals on buckets of beer, beer-ritas and frozen margaritas during the week. To mimosas and frozen bellinis on the weekends.


Bucket of Beers
Domestic: 6 beers for $16.50
Import Beer: 6 beers for $18

Regular house frozen or on the rocks margarita: $4
Flavored margarita: $5 (flavors include peach, strawberry, blue raspberry, mango, pineapple and sour)

Beer-rita: $9 all day every day – no happy hour pricing/discount, only offered at Shepherd location

Hurricane: $5

Frozen Bellini
$7 all day on Sundays only

$6 all day on Sundays only



Happy hour times (at both locations) – now through the end of summer:
Sunday, 11am-9pm
Monday, 11am-10pm
Tuesday, 11am-7pm
Wednesday, 11am-10pm
Thursday, 11am-7pm
Friday, 11am-6pm
Saturday, 11am-6pm

Jax Grill locations
1613 Shepherd Drive
6510 S. Rice Ave.

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