12 Best DIY Egg Substitutes


Looking for the best egg substitute for your egg-free baked goods and recipes? This 12 BEST DIY Egg Substitutes list should be a great start. These recipes are simple and easy to follow. Most only include three ingredients. Additionally, they are suited to meet (most, if not all) of your family’s allergy needs.

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12 BEST DIY Egg Substitutes

When Emory was nine months old, she was diagnosed with allergies to the Top 8, which includes eggs. To this day, she’s never had eggs or any products containing eggs. While we continue to learn more about the severity of her allergies, I will proceed cautiously.

All of my baked goods contain some form of egg substitute. Mashed bananas and applesauce were our go-to’s before learning of her intolerance to those ingredients. Now we use Flaxseed for everything from baked goods to the coating for my Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwiches.

Check out this chart highlighting the 12 Best DIY Egg Substitutes for baking!


Check out a few of my favorite recipes highlighting these DIY egg substitutes:

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