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Did you know Americans consume 13 billion hamburgers a year? That’s enough to circle the earth 32 times! Or how about that on average Americans eat 3 hamburgers a week? That’s a ton of burgers. Due to the massive consumption of the popular sandwich, it’s only right that Hopdoddy opened its Second location in Rice Village this month and has quickly become one of my favorite place for burgers in Houston.

La Bandita Burger

Hopdoddy was birthed in Austin, Texas in 2010 by local restaurateurs Chuck Smith and Larry Perdido. They’ve since opened 18 other locations. Spreading their reach beyond just Texas, to Arizona, California, and Colorado. The Rice Village District here in Houston recently welcomed Hopdoddy’s Second location (5510 Morningside Dr.) earlier this month.

I’m a huge fan of burgers, especially the ones without beef. When capturing the essence of a burgers in Houston, the meatless ones are what I’m after. Luckily, Hopdoddy offers an assortment of proteins for your dining pleasure. Diners can find beef, bison turkey, lamb, fish and bean burger options on their mouthwatering menu. In addition to the solid sandwiches at hopdoddy, their fries and milkshakes are legit too. Not interested in pairing your burger with those “kiddy” drinks? Hopdoddy also offers a full bar and specialty cocktails.


While soaking up some sun on Hopdoddy’s massive front patio, and perusing the menu for veggie burgers I came across the “La Bandita” burger. Its salivating description had me sold. A black bean-corn patty topped with avocado, goat cheese, arugula, cilantro pesto & chipotle mayo served on toasted whole wheat bun. When my burger arrived and I was shocked because it didn’t look like I had envisioned it.

As the first ingredient listed is “black bean,” one would easily assume the burger to be dark in color. Rather, a light shade of cerise would be the most accurate description of the patty. There is only one vegetable that produces that unique color when added to other ingredients; beets. Beets are not listed as an ingredient, but our server confirmed it.  My assumption for this ingredient not being listed among the rest would be appeal factor. Though the beets didn’t alter the flavor of the burger much, I could see the phrase “beet burger” being frowned upon.

“Let me reassure you, the La Bandita burger is too good to be looked over because of a couple of little ol’ beets. ” – Gristle & Gossip

Hopdoddy’s fries are stellar as well. I opted for the truffle fries, with a green chili queso sauce for dipping. First, let me just say that the green chili queso could easily stand alone on the menu. It was delicious. Almost good enough to swim in, and I’m bit jealous that my burger and fries weren’t granted the opportunity. I also highly recommend the hot honey and sage sweet potato fries!


In addition to the burgers and fries, Hopdoddy has a couple mean milkshakes that I hear are worthy of a sip. Might I suggest you try “The Suicide”. Lovingly, named after Instagram influencer @ThatBoyAsad, it’s a mashup of their oreo cookie, caramel & sea salt, and Nutella & chocolate pretzel shake. Though I didn’t try it, it looked quite tempting.


If you’re on the hunt for burgers in Houston, I highly suggest you stop in to Hopdoddy for great burgers, fries, shakes, cocktails and crafts. The Rice Village location has an excellent patio!

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Open daily 11am – Midnight
(281) 557-2337

Sun–Thurs 11am–10pm, Fri–Sat 11am–11pm
Lots of parking in free garage behind iPic Theater!
(713) 227-2337

(281) 554-2337
[email protected]


37 thoughts on “Hopdoddy Burger Bar Opens in Rice Village | Burgers in Houston

  1. I rarely eat beef, but I do crave a good burger and would be interested in trying a Hopdaddy burger and maybe even swimming in some chilecon queso! Choose me to win a gift card!

    1. Hi Becka! Thanks for entering. Their shakes looked so good. I hear a mash up with the nutella, red velvet and salted caramel is the way to go!

  2. I am VERY happy they came to Houston. Great food and it’s super awesome that it’s locally sourced.

  3. They are so good. And now we have 2 locations!! Happy you were able to go and enjoy the awesomeness that is HopDoddy.

  4. I follow your page for all the new places to eat out, as someone that always cooks Im actually interesred in going out to eat for once. Thank you for alwats posting reviews!

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