Ancho Reyes Verde Debuts in Texas

The City of Puebla de Zaragoza is nestled halfway from Mexico City to the main Atlantic port of Veracruz. Following the Mexican Revolution in the 1920’s the city turned from chaos to “menjurjes” or concoctions. At that time the city of Puebla’s signature crop was the beloved ancho chile also known as the poblano.  This mild chili is the main ingredient in the Ancho Reyes Verde Liqueur, that recently debuted in Texas.

Ancho Reyes is one of Puebla’s most significant concoctions. The agriculture process is pretty intense with the chile poblano soil resting for three years before any peppers are grown. Chili’s are then hand-picked August through October and placed in the sun to dry. Creating the mild heat and smoky flavor of the chile poblano. Only the best ancho chiles are selected and used in the liqueur. This intense growth and selection process is what makes each bottle of Ancho Reyes Verde Liqueur stand out among the rest.

Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi, of Milagro Tequila and Montelobos Mezcal resurrected the recipe of Puebla de Zaragoza’s precious liqueur. The brand currently has Ancho Reyes Chile and Chile Verde. Both provide smoky, spicy and subtly sweet notes that are certain to up the ante of any cocktails.

To learn more about Ancho Reyes Verde and where you can snag a bottle of your own click here.


As an official introduction four popular Houston bartenders were selected to create their own specialty cocktail using Ancho Reyes Verde. The friendly competition took place at Lilly & Bloom an intimate, quaint and charming bar on the edge of downtown near UHD.

Ever had a cocktail served in Poblano pepper? Due to the theme of the event all welcome cocktails were served in an actual pepper. Though, made with a mixture of Milagro Reposado, pineapple, lime, rosemary and milk oolong tea the cocktail fell little flat. I possibly came to this conclusion because anytime I hear the word “chile” I think of spice. All of the cocktails served were very mild, just like the poblano. All of the cocktails were not only tasty but beautifully creative.

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