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Sending your child to school on their birthday without something special is not cool. But for allergy parents, the task of determining what to send can be quite daunting. Whether your child avoids gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, or soy this list of allergen-friendly goodie bag ideas will be a treat for your kiddo and their classmates.

In my most recent post, I stated the importance of leaning on non-edible items when making allergen-friendly goodie bags or baskets for kids. For Emory’s 4th birthday I made fun, inexpensive allergen-friendly goodie bags for her classroom. All filled with items anyone can enjoy. Arts & crafts, candy, fruit snacks, and mini nectar juice boxes!

Before diving into this post it’s important as an allergy mom to say that these items were selected based on my daughter’s allergies. Please review all label ingredients to ensure that they are safe for your family.

Allergen-friendly goodie bags

Arts & Crafts

We love Michael’s.  Their “Creatology” section is so much fun! They have all these super cute, kid-friendly crafts perfect for little hands. Not only are they cute, but they’re also affordable and labeled by age. I decided on these adorable DIY wooden wind chime kits.

Allergen-friendly Goodie Bags


Believe it or not, I’ve found quite a few allergen-friendly candies on the shelves of my local grocery store (dependant upon your allergies of course)! Smarties, dum-dums, Starburst, and airheads are a few of our favorites (in moderation).

Allergen-friendly goodie bags

Fruit Snacks

Unfortunately, most fruit snacks are either made with apple juice or puree, soy, or HFCS. Annie’s organic fruit snacks are our go-to snacks for lunch and goodie bags. All three flavors are delicious!

Allergen-friendly goodie bags

Juice Boxes

Currently, the only fruit Emory can eat that doesn’t cause an immediate reaction is Mango. Because of her fruit/berry allergy, most kids’ juices/juice boxes are off-limits. That includes Capri sun and the nestle flavored water (which are disgusting). We found these Jumex Mango Nectar juice boxes at Kroger ($2.99 for 3) although they contain 0% juice they are yummy and Emory enjoys them.

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