Creating an Allergy-Friendly Easter Basket

Growing up we didn’t really celebrate holidays. This is one thing that I wanted to do differently, especially while my children are little. Little kids don’t care what a holiday is about or the skewed history behind a celebration, they just want to have fun! Last year Emory was gifted an Easter BasketĀ and while she was super excited when it arrived, most if not all of its contents were unsafe for her to consume. I decided that it was up to me to create an allergy-friendly Easter basket filled with goodies that she could consume. If you are a parent looking to create a fun, safe Easter basket for your loved one you’re going to love this post!


Allergy Friendly Easter Baskets (3)


I’ve learned a lot about food allergies and being an allergy mom. The most important thing I’ve learned is that changing my mindset is a must. I don’t have a child that can eat things that most kids can. Emory will be four this year and it seems like every time I turn around they are having a party or celebrating some special day at school. Most of which include foods and drinks she can’t have. Due to this I’ve become super invested in ensuring that she can celebrate just the same as her classmates. Although I try to stay on top of all celebrations, there are times when a child in her class has a birthday party. Her school is really good about altering me beforehand so that I can at least slip something sweet in her bag.

Her school will be hosting an Easter basket swap and egg hunt next month. I visited my local HEB to assess just how many allergy-friendly candy options are available. Below is a list of “traditional” candy that we found on the seasonal aisle. They are all free of the Top 8 allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy). I hope this list can be used as a guide to creating beautiful Easter baskets filled with sweet treats and made with love!




Krabby Patties Gummy Candy

Easter Fun Dip Basket Stuffers

Starburst Minis

Starburst Jelly Beans

Smarties Happy Easter Candy Boxes

Sweetarts Easter Candy

Galerie Jelly Bean Filled Eggs


In addition to candy, I highly suggest including other Easter-themed party favors in your allergy-friendly Easter basket. I found a few really cute items to add to Emory’s easter basket that I know she will enjoy just as much as candy. My daughter is the ultimate girly girl and loves everything pink, purple, and sparkly. These scented water-based mini nail polishes I found are the perfect accouterment to any Easter basket and they fit perfectly in the medium-sized plastic eggs. The Easter egg stamps were too cute to pass up. They are skin-safe stamps in the shape of eggs, bunnies, and carrots.

Allergy-Friendly Easter Basket
Scented water-based mini nail polishes


Allergy-friendly Easter Basket
Easter Egg Stamps

Although this is a guide for Easter baskets, don’t hesitate to incorporate these Top 8 free candy options into your Easter egg hunts also! These candy options would not only increase the safety of your hunt but make all children feel included, even those without allergies.

Click here for my 2023 candy suggestions!

– Happy Easter!


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