Loaded French Fries & Boudain Egg Rolls | The French Fry House | Houston

What’s better than a restaurant whose menu consists only of french fries? Exactly, nothing. That’s what makes The French Fry House so awesome. This Third Ward, Tx gem is located at 3221 Ennis and serves nothing but the most delicious loaded fries and boudain egg rolls in town.

The French Fry House
The French Fry House


The French Fry House is literally a house. Not a restaurant. There are a few patio seats available (possibly more on the weekends), but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting. It should encourage you to bring your own folding chairs and soak up some sun on the patio, while listening to good music!

The parking situation is “straight street.” Meaning park yo’ ass on the street and walk. I was fortunate to get a spot right out front, but some folks parked about a block away. Getting some cardio never killed anybody. It’s best to burn some calories before hand, because there is nothing diet friendly coming out of The French Fry House. This is definitely a “cheat day” spot.


The menu currently consists of seven options, but this may change. Word on the street is Chef Chop can literally make custom orders if he has the ingredients available. My friend Ella of E-dub-ilicious treats ordered a vegan masterpiece that was topped with nothing but veggies.

You can’t go wrong with the “Big Tex” fries and crispy boudain egg rolls. They are both remarkably insane.  I struggle with what to talk about first — the smoking hot fries stacked with smoked brisket and beef sausage slow cooked in bbq sauce, topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives, or the crispy/crunch egg rolls stuffed with flavorful boudain?!


Prices at The French Fry House range from $6- $13 depending on what you order. Beware: You get a TON OF FOOD here. I ordered a small order ($7) and it took me 2 days to eat it. I even split it with my husband on the second day and was stuffed. The Boudain Egg Rolls are ($6) and so worth it!


#TheFrenchFryHouse All Things Fries🍟🍟Located In The Historic 3rd Ward: 3221 Ennis Houston,TX 77004

Hours: M-Thr. 12P-8P & F-Sat.12p-9p Closed Sunday


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