Pokéworks’ unveils 2nd Houston location in Shepard Square


Pokéworks’ unveiled their second Houston location at 2055 Westheimer Road #100. The ocean-to-counter spot was founded in 2015 and created with a vision to introduce a Hawaiian island favorite to the Mainland.

Chef-collaborator, Sheldon Simeon, executive chef/owner of Maui’s Tin Roof and an alumnus of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” has crafted a series of Signature Works. Whose ingredients draw inspiration from the mix of cultures he grew up with in Hawaii. Inspired by sustainable, seasonal, and natural ingredients, Pokéworks is committed to bringing responsibly-sourced seafood while preserving our oceans.

Sweet Chili Tofu & Sweet Ginger Chicken

The menu features eight signature “Poké Your Way” combinations! The most popular choices being the Umami Classic and Spicy Ponzu Albacore.  The two non-fish options are their Sweet Chili Tofu with organic tofu, blanched kale, green and sweet onion, cucumber, edamame, sesame seeds and sweet chili gochujang sauce. Sweet Ginger Chicken with free range chicken breast, green and sweet onion, edamame, cilantro, sesame seeds  and spicy ginger sauce

“Poké Your Way”

Guests can also opt to “Poké Your Way,” and build their own bowl from the concept’s fully customizable menu. Protein selections range from the traditional poké choices of fresh ahi tuna and salmon, flown in daily, to options like albacore tuna, scallops, and shrimp. After selecting the base, guests can choose from a variety of Hawaiian-inspired mix-ins, toppings, and sauces to make their own, original bowl, salad or burrito.

Pregnant + Poke?

Consuming raw fish is a no-no when pregnant. At least that what my doctor said. So my main goal for visiting Pokéworks’ was to try their non-raw fish options. The only options were the Sweet Chili Tofu and Sweet Ginger Tofu. Both were decent.  I can attest to the fact that there’s just something special about the sauces and toppings when paired with fresh fish. Those flavors simply doesn’t translate with chicken or tofu. Mainly because they didn’t absorb the sauces like fish.

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