E-dub-a-licious Treats: “A Baked on Smile in every bite!”

As an avid a “sugar junkie” I would rather have cakes, cookies and pies over a real meal, any day. Given my foodie nature, I am forever on the hunt for great food. Crumbville, TX General Store encompasses all that and more! Under the tutelage of Head Baker and Owner Ella Russell, E-dub-a-licious Treats has quickly become my favorite sweet spot for baked goods.

“Guest come for the cookies, but stay for the conversation” – Ella Russell 


Crumbville recently moved to a more permanent space (2316 Elgin) since closing shop at Project Row House in the historic Third Ward Houston. Though her Holman space is no more, her new location is still know for the most delicious cookies and cupcakes. Owner and Head Baker Ella Russell is warm and welcoming and always smells like sugar. She truly brings the experience full circle. Her warm charm and down to earth demeanor practically sale the products for her, but don’t get it twisted her cookies, stuffed cups, vegan treats and brownies are pure FIRE.

Here, at Gristle & Gossip we rarely talk about things we haven’t tasted, but to be honest I loved E-dub-a-licious Treats even before a sweet crumb ever touched my soft, sweet and supple lips, lol. They line the shelves at a few of my favorite spaces in Houston. It’s like they have been calling me for years. I’ve just been to stubborn to listen. Well, now i’m hooked and my pants are getting tight, which means I will more than likely invest in SKIRTS this coming winter.

E-dub-a-licious fans are lovingly referred to as “crumbheads” and after visiting this bakery 3 times in 4 days AND nearly cleaning them out on my first visit, my title is very fitting. I literally tasted one of Ella’s “Key-loco” cookies (soft and chewy key lime dough accented with white chocolate and pistachios) around noon and was back for a full dozen at 5:00 pm. No lie – we linked up in some dark parking lot for the hand-off!


There is one thing about E-dub-a-licious Treats that I have an issue with… the price. Everything is $5. The cookies (come in packs of two), brownies, and the utterly delectable “stuffed cups” (stuffed cupcakes) are only 5 bucks. At any moment someone could walk in a simply buy EVERYTHING. Which sadly would leave me no choice but to rock back and forth, under my desk in the fetal position. Receiving a text message that reads “sold-out” is potentially heartbreaking. Especially when images of fresh baked Ginger Snaps have been dancing on your tongue while you slept.

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