Shula’s Steak House at the Hyatt Regency Houston Debuts new mouthwatering Menu

Shulas Steak House

Founded by legendary Miami Dolphins coach, Don Shula, Shula’s Steak House is the premier brand within the Shula’s Restaurant Group portfolio. Corporate culinary chef, Demetrio Zavala’s newly curated menu is now available to the public. Stop in for lunch, dinner or happy hour!

During an intimate tasting with Chef Demetrio Zavala a small group of media explored the various new menu items as well as a few Shula’s Steak House classics. I personally enjoyed some specialty creations that were modified to meet my current dietary needs. You will see those highlighted below as well. I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY for a $50 gift card on my Instagram

Shula's Steakhouse
Prime NY Strip | Dry-Aged Bone in Ribeye

When most people think of places to eat in Downtown Houston options like Xochi, Finn Hall and Kulture top the list. Following the tasting at Shula’s Steak House, I suggest this steakhouse be added to your downtown dining rolodex. Corporate Culinary Chef Demetrio Zavala takes pride in ensuring that his dining room guests have memorable experiences at Shula’s. With so many steakhouses to chose from in Houston, Chef works to set his menu and dishes a part from the rest.


Our evening started with one of the most delicious rosé cocktails I have ever had. I’m not huge fan of rose, but Shula’s Rosè Blush cocktail is the ultimate summer tribute. The soft, sweet, and fresh notes of muddled strawberries and mint paired perfectly with the house rosé. It was everything I ever wanted in a rosé cocktail. I am not sure if it’s on their happy hour menu, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask your server. This is great starter cocktail to enjoy while you review the menu.


The tasting highlighted a handful of starters, entrees, side dishes and desserts from Shula’s Steak House. 

A few stand out starters to try when you’re at Shula’s are their Waygu Beef Meatballs, Tuna Tartare, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. I didn’t get to enjoy the cheese covered meatball, but it made for a beautiful cheese pull. The New Orleans BBQ Shrimp was probably my favorite dish on the starter menu. The shrimps were seasoned perfectly and the BBQ spice mixed with the butter and lemon was outstanding. The shrimp arrive in a their own mini cast iron pan.  One stand out dish that was made especially for me, was the Wild Mushroom Tofu Soup. The Lobster Bisque is on the starter menu, but given my restrictions I had to pass it up. I would have never guessed that a soup made of mushrooms and tofu could be so creamy and embody so much flavor. 

Of course at a steak house the main entrees consist of delicious cuts of beef, chicken and seafood. I’m starting to enjoy steak a bit more. Oddly enough I have Butcher Box to thank for that, LOL. Not being a true steak eater, typically leads me to select items from the seafood portion of the menu. I was happy to see that Shula’s Steak House offers more than just Salmon! I don’t have anything against Salmon, I just prefer more options. You will find items like Seared Scallops resting on a bed of fennel creamed corn or a Halved Chicken drizzled in Sherry Chicken Jus. Take it from me, Shula’s non-steak options are just as succulent and toothsome as the beef. 

Pair dishes like Garlicky Kale tossed with almonds, Parmesan, chilies, lemons and Hash Browns and Black Truffle Creamed Corn with the entrees for the full experience. We were blown away by the Kale dish. It’s definitely something I would go back for! 


Dessert was probably my favorite course, and at Shula’s Steak House they hold no punches. The most popular dessert among the three options were the Warm Doughnuts. Four tiny doughnut holes covered in cinnamon and sugar accompanied by caramel, chocolate and creme anglaise dipping sauces.  Their classic Chocolate Lava Cake beautifully oozed all over the plate when cut. Due to the fact that I couldn’t eat either of the main desserts I was treated to a seasonal fruit sorbet. In all honesty, my table mates raved that it was better than the other two desserts! Could they have been lying simply to make me feel better? Maybe!


Shula’s Steak House is located at 1200 Louisiana Street, inside of the Hyatt Regency Houston Hotel. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Downtown Houston dining destination, I highly recommend Shula’s as an option for lunch, dinner or happy hour. Additionally, the Hyatt Regency offers complimentary parking for guests of Shula’s. Making your choice of where to dine even easier. 



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