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I know you’ve heard the buzz about Xochi, Houston’s newest concept by James Beard recipient, Chef Jose Ortega. If you haven’t, then maybe the phrase “Texas Shaped Pool” will help jog your memory. Well, if you’re unfamiliar with Xochi, this post — where I rave about their Houston Restaurant Week lunch menu should be all you need. Read on for all the delicious details.

First let’s talk about how beautiful the Marriott Marquis Hotel is! As I drove towards the hotel I noticed all the new restaurants in that area. Most are very new, and were added in preparation for the Houston Super Bowl. When you walk into the hotel you are immediately struck by the lavish high ceilings  and star shaped shingle lighting. You can find Xochi on you’re right when you enter the hotel lobby.

Though the restaurant in spacious, with a bar area and dining room, it’s not what I had imagined. Now that I think of if, I am not sure what I expected. The interior did remind me of Hugo’s, but that could also just be my way of associating this spot with Chef Ortega! Lunch at Xochi was my fourth Houston Restaurant Week meal and by far the best!

Downtown Dining at Xochi | Houston Restaurant Week

Downtown Dining at Xochi consists of a three courses. Most HRW menus present a selection of “starters,” where guest select one of three options. At Xochi guests receive a small complimentary offering of Chef Ortega’s mole of the day. The house made masa dumpling hidden inside the mole was an awesome treat!

Xochi’s “Plato Fuerte” section of the menu provides seven tempting entrees. Talk about the toughest decision ever, jeeze! My lunch date @Blackgirlswhobrunch and I scoped out every plate that come from the kitchen, to assist in determining what to order. I decided upon the Tlayuda De Pollo, while Erika ordered the Pescado or “catch of the day” — Halibut. The Tlayda is a large, thin Oaxacan tortilla topped with shredded wood roasted chicken, mole negro, quesillo and Oaxacan black beans. THE best damn Oaxacan flatbread pizza EVER!!! The Oaxacan tortilla was perfectly crisp and all the toppings were just right. Our server Carlos suggested I drizzle a little of their house-made habenero sauce for an additional kick of hit. Absolutely delicious.

Xochi Desserts are a little “buggy”

Our Downtown Dining experience at Xochi came to a close with a couple of selections from the “Postre” portion of the menu. After glancing at the three options, I opted for the one that didn’t have chocolate and wasn’t flan. I don’t like either. The Nieves Mexicanas was the only option left. Though I had no idea what I was ordering, I figured it couldn’t kill me, right? I mean, the basic translation is “frozen Mexican dessert.” Little did I know, chocolate coated ants were the added crunch factor in this dish.

I laugh because, I knew it was bugs before Carlos told me. My lunch date got a kick out of that, and was curious to know how I knew about the bugs. I told her I’m from the hood and we’ve eaten a lot worse! I know a bug when I taste one. ♦



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    1. You’ll love it. I really enjoy the food that Chef Ortega produces. His restaurant Hugo’s (Westheimer) is quite delicious as well.

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