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Finn Hall, Downtown Houston’s Premier Food Hall officially opened last month, and has created quite the buzz. Finn Hall offers Downtown Houston dwellers 10 independently operated eating establishments and two full bars, including an elevated craft cocktail lounge in the mezzanine. During a recent lunch excursion to the Downtown Houston food hall I tried a little bit of everything. My Finn Hall Food Guide highlights my favorite dishes. From Craft Burger’s juicy lucy truffle burger, to Dish Society’s healthy power salads. It’s all below. Enjoy!

The Setup

Finn Hall (712 main st.) describes itself as “a beautiful, open Art Deco space to discover the latest culinary creations from local, up-and-coming chefs.” The Downtown Houston food hall pays homage to the influence and importance of the European food hall, where quality, experience, and atmosphere are the three key elements. If you’re hungry for something new, Finn Hall is for you!

The one point that I find unfortunate about Finn Hall is parking. There isn’t a designated Finn Hall garage or lot. This Downtown Houston destination is made for folks who are downtown. Especially during the day. During my lunch visit, I found street parking a few blocks away. If you’re visiting after 6pm, finding free parking on the street may not be so bad.

The Food

Finn Hall offers diners 10 options, all unique in their own right. Houston favorites like Dish Society, Goode Co. and Craft Burger can all be found under one roof. In hindsight I might say that all these choices make decision making quite difficult, so I’ve identified some of my favorite dishes from each place! Hopefully this will make your lunchtime at Finn Hall a bit more manageable.

Dish Society

Dish Society’s Harvest Salad is my top pick for something healthy and fresh, especially if you’re looking to celebrate the lighter side of lunch. It’s a mix of organic greens, kale, butternut squash, apples, bleu cheese, & candied pecans with house maple vinaigrette. I topped it with fried chicken, because fried chicken makes everything better.

Craft Burger

Chef Tune’s burgers, fries and milk shakes will forever be my kryptonite! Especially the Juicy Lucy Truffle Burger and Lamb Poutine fries. During my visit I chatted with Chef Tune about the lack of press and attention CBFT receives from Houston food writers. As I watched the line at his pod grow longer and longer during the lunch hour, it became apparent that his food speaks for itself, with or without our help.


Yong’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings are LIFE! The order comes with four wings, with your choice of sauce coating. I suggest the gochujang sauce vs. the soy ginger option. These four little wings cost $7 bucks, but were worth every penny.

OddBall Eats

This falafel-centric Mediterranean concept stole my heart at last month’s grand opening. Their hummus and falafels are legit. This is another great option if you’re looking for a lighter, healthier lunch option. The Oddball Veggie Sampler would be my choice. It offers a variety of daily vegetables, falafels and homemade pita chips.

Low Tide

Low Tide is the brain child of Harold’s in the Heights owner Alli Jarret. I haven’t been back to HITH since the departure of Ex. Chef Andre Ware, but was happy to see her seafood concept at Finn Hall. My goal was to try items that would act as “sides” to my tasting spread. The Hush Puppies and Crispy Crawfish Etoufee Balls were decent. I’d suggest you order Low Tides Henrietta Chicken & Biscuits instead. Crispy fried chicken stuffed in between a well made biscuit, slathered in creamy white gravy!

Goode Co. Taqueria

My lunch date is a taco/fajita connoisseur. Her one job was to review Goode Co. Taqueria’s fajita taco. She was hesitant at first. Almost a bit reluctant to complete her assignment. The bribe of a sandia aguas fresca put a little pep in her step. She raved about how surprisingly delicious both the taco and drink were. I think her exact words were “this is one damn GOODE fajita taco.” I’d like to add that their aguas fresca beverages are some of the best I’ve had!!

Closing Remarks

Hopefully my Finn Hall Food Guide will assist you during your visit to Downtown Houston’s premier Food Hall.

I want to hear from you! Have you been to Finn Hall? If so, what did you order? What was your favorite restaurant or meal?


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