Bernie’s Burger Bus Makes Riding the Short Bus Cool | Houston Heights

You’ve probably heard the buzz by now – the new Bernie’s Burger Bus opened its third location at 2200 Yale Street in the historic Houston Heights recently. Bernie’s is famous for their big yellow school bus, scratch-made “old school awesome” burgers and ridiculously delicious cocktails. Read on for all the drool worthy #burgerporn!

Bernies Burger Bus
The Substitute – bleu cheeseburger, thick crispy bacon, burgundy mushrooms, and “tipsy” onions…….10.15

Do you like loaded fries? What about juicy burgers? Chef/Owner Justin Turner is whipping that fire in the kitchen and I am so happy about it. My love affair with Bernie’s Burger Bus started about 4 or 5 years back. When the food truck was in heavy rotation at University of Houston. I would go at least once a week for my fix — the “Pre-Schooler” and the Truffle laced fries. But just as my waistline began to expand they disappeared from campus! So you can only imagine how krunk I was when I heard about the new brick & mortar opening in the heights.

The interior space is simple with great natural light. The pick up window is reminiscent of Bernie’s famous food truck/school bus. Along the back wall you will find Bernie’s full bar, stocked with all your favorite beers and spirits. Most noteworthy was the “Teachers Lounge” portion of their menu. It highlights all of the scrumptious cocktails and boozy shakes Bernie’s Burger Bus has to offer. Perfect for happy hour Monday – Friday from 3-7 pm.


During the tasting we tried almost all the burgers and stacked fries on the menu. Our heads were spinning with each uniquely named treat that popped out the bus. We noshed the night away on their Principal, Substitute and Homeroom burgers. And also tried out two of their newest chicken sandwiches. The chicken sandwiches were bomb, and happened to by my favorites. Should you not eat meat, they offer what looked like a delicious falafel burger.


What goes great with burgers? Fries, that’s what! Let me just tell you now, that Bernie’s fry game is STRONG! The truffle-laced fries give me all the life, while the honor roll  and chili cheese fries pulled a close second. It’s something about the Italian white truffle oil that Chef Jason uses. Makes my heart skip a beat. If you’re a cheese head like myself, ask for extra Parmesan.


Though there were kids crawling around every inch of this place, I wasn’t phased at all. Mainly because I was too busy sampling all the cocktails…ALL. OF. THEM. I find that I really shine in that area. The Watermelon Margarita, Texas Blackberry Bramble, Ancho Mama’s Pimms and the Grapefruit Paloma were are delish. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the bramble was the winner.

Make sure you hop on over to Bernie’s Burger Bus In the Heights, and nab a burger of your own! Bernie’s is open Monday – Thursday: 7am – 9pm (9:30 pm Friday and Saturday).



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