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Brasserie Du Parc

The second week of Houston Restaurant Weeks started with a big ol’ bang! A group of black bloggers and I dined downtown for the first time ever, during HRW. Looking for a place to grab dinner downtown while still supporting the Houston Food Bank? Read all about why Brasserie Du Parc should not only be added to your HRW list, but to your life list as well.

One thing that I have grown quite fond of over the years is French cuisine. Though, only in moderation because it often leads to gout flare ups. Possibly due to how rich French food tends to be. But I power through like a champ most times.

Over the weekend Kay Glaze (@Taste.of.Kay), a fellow member of the Black Food Bloggers Club visited Houston from San Antonio. And in true blogger fashion reached out to myself, and a couple other black bloggers in the city for a meetup. If you know me, then you know “meetups” are my thing. We laughed about how she picked the perfect time to visit, because it’s Houston Restaurant Weeks.

As HRW isn’t local to San Antonio we found great joy in sharing with her the benefits of participating. She was sold after that. We decided upon Brassiere Du Parc, mainly because all of our other options were booked. As none of us had ever been to Brassierie Du Parc, we took it as a sign and rolled with it!

Though I arrived on-time, it was in spite of the devil himself. Apparently there was an Astros game that had spilled over into the streets. Making downtown parking even more hellish than it already is. I highly suggest you valet. The space is lovely with ample natural light, a huge bar and a well lit dining room. It does get a bit noisy, but that didn’t bother us.

Houston Restaurant Week at Brasserie Du Parc

The dinner menu at Brassiere was locked & loaded with all of the French favorites. It provides a lot of options per course, which is another reason I love Houston Restaurant Weeks. The first course offers FIVE options… FIVE! You can’t beat that, especially for $35 bucks!

Though, I would legit eat everything on this menu, I highly suggest the Tatare de Boeuf. A delicious (yet slightly salty) beef tartare made with capers, cornichon, herbs and harissa oil served with two toasted crostinis. Two of us opted for the Rissoto Aux Fruites De Mar, while delicious it wasn’t better than the Tartare. If I could do it again, I would get the Sole “MeuniΓ¨re” and brown butter sauce.

Seeing as how the day after dinner was National Raspberries and Cream Day, my mind was already made up about dessert. The Du Parc Tarte Au Citron was so good that I could have slapped the chef… or at least our server, Terry. The combination of brittany shortbread, lemon curd, raspberry sorbet and meringue had me like “whoa.” I couldn’t resist sharing it on my instagram!


Happy #NationalRasperriesandCreamDay!! It’s also “longest hashtag ever” day apparently 😩. If you’re looking for @hourestaurantwk dining suggestions πŸ’ƒ hop on over to gristleandgossip.com. My recent visits are πŸ’» #liveontheblog… NOW. . . πŸ“· DU PARC TARTE AU CITRON — brittany shortbread, lemon curd, raspberry sorbet, meringue @brasserieduparchouston πŸ˜‹ . . . . . . πŸ”– #GristleandGossip #houstonfoodies #Houston #tx #food #hypefeast #instafoodie #houstonblogger #hypebeast #instaphoto #photooftheday #taste #hfbcweeklyeats #travelblogger #blavityfoodie #blackfoodblogger #foodielife #foodiepics #foody #foodstagram #foodgawker #foodporn #foodiesofinstagram #food52 #foodnetwork #foodaddict #foodbeast #foodography

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Brasserie Du Parc is serving brunch, lunch and dinner, now – Labor Day. Make sure to add them to your list. Making a reservation just in case, may be a good idea.

Restaurant Information

1440 Lamar St
Houston, Texas, 77010

(832) 879-2802


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