EaDo Welcomes a New Poke Playground | SeaSide Poke

SeaSide Poke

Another Poke place has popped up in Houston and I think it’s delicious. SeaSide Poke opened it’s EaDo doors about 4 weeks ago and is already growing quite a buzz. It’s located at 2118 Lamar St, and specializes in hand crafted sushi bowls.

SeaSide Poke represents Houston very well. The music was jamming from the moment I entered til the time I left. You’ll find the interior wall lined with Blowfish cut-outs highlighting Houston royalty. Celebs like Solange Knowles, Bun B and Travis Scott were just a few I noticed.

First… the menu

The menu is simple, clear cut and pasted to the wall. Their menu is similar to that of MOD Pizza with the cut out blocks and legible fonts. If you’re new to the Poke world then I suggest you stick with one of the already composed bowl options. For those who are more knowledgeable about the various types of fish and toppings, there’s a custom station just for you.

Second.. the Poke

Each menu item comes with a specific fish, toppings and sauces. Though you have the option to add whatever you wish towards the end. Because I’m new to poke, I opted for something on the menu. An employee suggested the Truffle Yellowtail. Apparently everyone who tried it loved it — so I went with that.  Most noteworthy (in addition to the poke bowls) were SeaSide Poke’s bomb ass rice crispy treats too! Three unique (non-basic) flavors are offered  matcha, ube and pandan! Talk about damn good. I’d never tasted anything like it.

My husband, who rarely follows my food suggestions ordered the Kani Baked Bowl. Though, I was against that choice (LOL) he did order something super cool — cold brew coffee. While tasty, Xela Coffee Rosters’ “Screwston” Cold Brew Coffee is certain to get you smooth pulled over if you’re caught drinking this while driving. Not because it contains alcohol, but because of its promethazine bottle, styled packaging.

A few additional notes about the venue.  Guests will find a designated SeaSide Poke parking lot directly across the street. Hours: Monday – Saturday from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm and Sunday Noon – 9:00 pm.



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