Olive & June: Elegant Italian fare in Austin

Olive & June

Olive & June

Olive & June is an elegant yet casual multilevel space with a large terrace providing refined Italian fare & wine.

We recently visited Austin for a family members wedding reception, and when I heard where we were going I immediately got to goggling. I researched the area of town and of course Olive & June’s  Italian food and beverage menu! I had my (our) whole menu planned out and didn’t stop to think for a second that the Bride and Groom may have already selected what guests were to be served.

Olive & June

Olive & June
2nd floor seating area

Olive & June has a great view of the surrounding area and the venue lights up at night. It’s a great place for a date or intimate dinner with family.

Olive & June
















The bride made Olive and June’s private space even more spectacular with homemade centerpieces, a prix fixe menu and complimentary red and white wines. There was also a cash bar, but who pays for drinks when there is free wine being poured?! ..not me. The beautiful bride and handsome groom partied the night away while enjoying a full house with some yummy, Italian bites.

There was a meat and cheese tray to nibble on followed by leafy green Giardiniara butter lettuce, baby romaine, Panelle (Sicilian fritters), celery, radish and a white balsamic.  For the entree we were served Rigatone with San Marzano, tomato, basil and oregano and for a sweet finish we had Blueberry Bombolini served atop a blueberry-peach compote!

Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of pasta (or Italian Food) so I just tasted it with the hopes that it rid my mouth of butter lettuce and radish. Both of which can be too “earthy” when combined. It did the trick thanks to the heavy handed serving of San Marzano cheese and fresh tomato sauce. We were served “Bombolini” for dessert. It’s basically a fancy word for doughnut hole and traditionally these are filled. Either ours were overcooked or they forgot to fill them..mine were just sugared bread. The compote had caramelized by the time I tasted it but it was pretty.

The fig mostarda stole the show. Olive and June’s Ex. Chef Cirkiel makes his mostarda with ground mustard, mustard seeds, white wine, white wine vinegar and of course dried figs. It was so good I asked for a second bowl of which my mother-in-law and I shared all night! The food was ok, but this place has potential, and if I come back and order what I wanted I’m certain to be pleased.


Read more about Olive & June and view their menu here!

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