Brass House: Austin’s Blues and Jazz Lounge

Austin Texas

Their Story: Brass House Austin was conceived by Jason White while operating in a combat zone with the United States Marine Corps. He dreamed of moving to Austin and opening a live music venue at the completion of his service with the hope of providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment for those who enjoy the sounds of jazz and blues.

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What happens when you combine live brass instruments, dudes in suspenders, martinis and amazing food?? A darn good time at Brass House, that’s what!

My husband’s uncle “Spud” (age 50+) told us about this place while at his son’s wedding¬†reception, and when we walked in I griped about being one of the “youngest people in there.” My husband quickly corrected me by reminding me of my age, and politely told me to “chill”.. I am so glad I did. We started at the bar ordered, a couple cocktails and some food. I got the fritto misto¬†and my husband ordered something with beef..both were grand.

As the night progressed and people started to head to their second or third stop of the night the place thinned out. By this time two uncles and three cousin’s showed up to party with us..well they were there already just on the other side. We moved down towards to front and had a ball. It was great fun!

I was unable to snap my own video but found one on youtube that helps share my experience:

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