Don’s Specialty Meats: Boudin & Cracklin

Since 1993 Don’s Specialty Meats in Carencro, LA has been making the same great homemade and hand made boudin, voted “best” 5 years in row,  and cracklins that are ubiquitously known as South Louisiana’s best! From boudin and cracklins to plate lunches and specialty meats, the great quality and spicy Cajun flavor remain consistent.

When driving through Louisiana I noticed that every billboard was promoting”The Best Boudin and Cracklin” so how in the world is one to determine who truly has the best? I have no idea but we picked Don’s Specialty Meats from the line up. The cracklin’s (fried pieces of pork fat with a small amount of attached skin, flavored after frying with a mixture of peppery Cajun spices) were good. We inevitably took ours home and added our own spices to them but while on the road the crunch was a nice treat.

Don's Specialty meats interior

I wanted to try the boudin but didn’t want to freeze it and wait until I got home to eat it. That whole instant gratification thing is real! Additionally, I missed the lunch service (ends at 2p), so I just skipped it. I did notice that all of their boudin contains MSG. Which I guess is the norm for processed meats but just because the FDA said it’s safe doesn’t mean that it is. I honestly don’t trust them and have my own acronym for the FDA. I am sure you can guess what word the “F” stands for, but I digress..


The store was immaculate and that is always a plus, especially when food is involved. The staff was super friendly and it was apparent they were locals as they chatted about the local high school football team. I am a fan of “skins” or “Chicharrónes” in Texas. The airy, crispy, crunchy comfort snack that you get from the corner store. The Cracklin’ was a bit different at their is still meat attached to it.

If you are traveling in any of these areas please stop and give them a tray but make sure you find your own stopping sites. That’s what makes a road trip truly special.


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