Easy Tiger: Bakery & Creekside Bar – Austin Tx

Easy Tiger - Austin Texas

Easy Tiger is one of 6th streets hippest hangouts with both a bakery-cafe and  creek-side beer garden serving simple snacks & cheeses.

I freaking love Easy Tiger and can’t believe I haven’t been here sooner. I also can’t believe that this place wasn’t PACKED out during our visit. In Houston this place would be filled to the brim with dudes in shorts, flip flops and “bro hats” all congregated by the bar yelling at the top of their lungs about J.J. Watt and other things that mean nothing to me… but in Austin it was filled with families, groups of friends and couples. Weird.

Easy Tiger

The outside seating and games were really fun and the beer selection described in one word — AMAZING! Which is why this place is a “must stop” when in Austin on 6th!


In addition to the beer Easy Tiger is also a bakery. Serving up fresh/hot croissants, cookies and breads. We ordered a croissant, a pretzel, 1 beer and 1 coffee. My husband a.k.a “Mr. Yumz-Muh-Gumz” is an interesting character who orders coffee and croissants when it’s obviously beer and beer time.

You can order a large pretzel or a small one, you can also choose your own dipping sauce. I ordered a small pretzel with the house mustard, and ate it so fast that I didn’t get to take a picture. Perhaps I was drunk because that NEVER HAPPENS.

Luckily our neighbors at the next table were super nice and let me snap a picture of their their large pretzel. They weren’t even weird about it or anything, they were like “sure” and even held it up for me to ensure I snapped a good one. I laughed and thanked them.










When I read the lavish beer menu my dreams came true. They had all my favorites from Deschutes to smashing IPA’s. I opted for No. 8 Founders “Dirty Bastard” and it did not disappoint.


It was hearty, full bodied and flavorful. It would have been even better if it had been a nitro, but my palate was pleased none the less.

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