All that’s New With Snap Kitchen | Plant- Based Compostable Packaging & On-Demand meal plans

Snap Kitchen provides healthy, handmade meals for busy people. Snap upholds the principle that real food should be convenient and delicious. They pride themselves on making healthy meals that people will be excited to eat. Snap Kitchen recently launched two exciting new features that I am happy to share with you. The omnichannel retailer of fresh and healthy food designed to fit one’s lifestyle, launched its efforts towards an even more sustainable business model with an all-market roll out of compostable Eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, they now offer fresh and healthy comfort cuisine on-demand via both delivery and/or in store pick-up. I recently took a “taste test drive” of their meal prep and subscription service. Read on to learn more about what Snap Kitchen’s been up to!

Compostable Eco-friendly Packaging

Snap Kitchen launched its efforts towards an even more sustainable business model with an all-market roll-out of compostable eco-friendly packaging. To celebrate the announcement, I was gifted a few of the retailers customer favorites highlighting the new perishable packaging. The organization made the ecologically sound decision to shift towards utilizing plant-based packaging as a step in reducing their environmental impact. Thus proving to their consumers their commitment to global sustainability.

By making the switch from the current recyclable plastic trays to the new packaging, they reduce their annual use of plastic by 500,000 lbs. This coupled with the organization’s commitment to donating all unsold food to local charities showcases their brand value in giving back to the greater good. Whether in the local community or through environmentally-friendly practices.

Additionally, Snap Kitchen has partnered with World Centric, a social and environmentally conscious manufacturer of compostable products that donates 25% of its profits to global grassroots social and environmental programs.

Meal prep and subscription service

Snap Kitchen has tossed their hat into the meal subscription service ring, offering healthy comfort foods in the form of meals, sides, juices and snacks. A brilliant move if you ask me. I’ve tested a couple meal subscription services, with HelloFresh being the most recent. What I truly value about Snap Kitchen is the instant gratification factor and cost. Meal plans start at $25 and allow customers to choose 3, 5, or 7-day curated plans designed to fit their dietary lifestyle. Unlike other meal subscription services Snap Kitchen has Retail & test kitchen locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston & Philly (28 retail locations in Texas). This means you don’t necessarily have to wait for your meals to be delivered. I enjoyed searching surveying the meal options vs. having someone select a meal on my behalf.

Fresh Food, Snacks & Beverages Delivered

Yup, you read that right. Snap Kitchen is one of the few meal subscription services with beverages. During my visit to the Kirby location, Zee, the sales rep introduced me to some of the most delicious sparking water. Waterloo Sparkling water is a local company based in Austin, Texas. Their vapor distilled water is light years better than most of the sparkling water on the market. It’s flavorful and actually tastes like the fruit on the outside of the can!

Snap Kitchen also offers healthy sweets and snacks! The chocolate donuts from Morning Star and the grain-free granola from Wildway are worthy of your dollars!

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Their dedicated Master Chefs and RD Dietitians curate menus, meals, recipes & tips that will help you stay on track regardless of your dietary needs. Download the user-friendly mobile app or visit their web app to learn more about their Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Milk-Free, Whole:30 and other meal plan options.

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