Custom Cakes, Pies, Cookies and Much More at Not Jus’ Donuts

Not Jus’ Donuts is a family owned bakery located in the heart of the historic 3rd Ward. This sweet shop may appear modest but the delectable treats that await you behind their doors are magnificent and made with love. The Houston community has responded in kind for over 15 years.

In 2014 Not Jus’ Donuts was featured on Bakery Boss, A TLC reality show where Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, helps struggling family bakeries get back on their feet! This publicity could not have come at a more perfect time, as the bakery was currently experiencing a slump in sales and customer traffic. With Buddy’s help, Not Jus’ Donuts was able to continue sharing their famous cakes, cookies and pies with their loyal customers.

As most of these recipes have been passed down from some 5 to 6 generations, you’ll be hard pressed to find flavor like this any place else. From the richness of their famous butter cake to the uber moist pound cake, Momma Jackson is showing out in the kitchen.

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When I bit into the lemon pecan pie at Not Jus’ Donuts I was transported back in time to my childhood,  where I watched my grandmother bring the entire neighborhood to the table using the simplest ingredients.

At Not Jus’ Donuts there is no waiting! You walk right up to the clear display cases lined with fresh bundt cakes, cookies, cake balls and pies both sliced and whole. They also have daily specials where you can get things like Myrtle’s Peach Cobbler or house made donuts and coffee.

I absolutely love everything, so the fact that Not Jus’ Donuts is also super affordable makes my life a lot easier. Actually, I wish they were more expensive so I wouldn’t be so easily inclined to get “one of everything”..but I digress. Sometimes a girls just needs one of everything!!!

Their lemon cake, German chocolate cake and ranger cookies are my current comfort sweets. The cookies come packaged by the half dozen for roughly $3 -$5 dollars. When I want to butter up to my husband or convince my parents of something, my bribes usually come from here!

In addition to the individually packaged, per person cakes they also make custom cakes for birthdays, weddings, parties.. you name it they make it. Should you not have any interest in waiting to indulge Not Jus’ Donuts has a little seating area for you to hang out, watch some TV and eat!

Make sure to mark your calendars as Not Jus’ Donuts will start serving breakfast on May 2nd at 6 am. This is so perfect for me as I pass them everyday. Looks like I need to re-activate my gym membership!

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Regular Hours

Tuesday – Friday
9am – 6pm

Saturday 8am – 3pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

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