Burgers, Bar-B-Que ,Shakes & Malts at Mia’s Table

mias table


A new member of the Johnny Carrabbas family has popped up on the scene in the Upper Kirby area offering a family-friendly environment and good eats for all to enjoy.

Mia’s Table, affectionately named after the owners daughter, is tucked away near Kirby Dr. and Branard St. near its sister restaurant Graces. This restaurant has a great atmosphere to it, a place where you can feel comfortable eating with your hands and getting bbq sauce on your shirt. Just go home and change before doing anything else in this area.


The restaurant has items on the menu to please the pickiest of eaters, serving up BBQ, burgers, shakes, whole smoked chickens to-go, pulled pork, salads, yummy adult beverages and a HUGE COOKIE DISPLAY near the pick-up counter!!


Upon entering you will notice their walk-up counter service is identical to that of the Pappas BBQ chain, where you order, are given a number and your food is either delivered to you (depending on what you order) or you pick up from the counter.

One of the best parts of my visit was the beverage counter. As an avid water drinker it was nice to have some different, from scratch drinks to choose from. Unfortunately they weren’t labeled, so I just went with “red” to be safe. It was so good or as my dad would say “some beautifully sweet kool-aid” that I had to stop myself from getting a refill before leaving. Their ice is yummy. Not too hard, but just soft enough to crunch with ease. I’m an ice cruncher too..sorry Dr. Adams!


My lunch date and I are pretty boring when it comes to lunch as when we are together we typically do salads, or she will do a salad and I will raise hell about it. So instead of feeling like a “fatty” I ordered a salad too and it was delicious. The smokey, bbq flavor of the salad dressing was simply the bomb.com and the crispy won-tons really added to the salad. It was so good that I bit the tip of my tongue off, bled for about a minute or two, put some ice on it and commenced to finishing my food. The bite was so bad that my finger tips started to tingle, but that did not deter me.


Although I didn’t have one I did sample a little of their frozen  White Pear Sangria and can honestly say that I have never tasted anything like it. You just have to order one when you go and thank me later.


Mia’s has their own parking lot but on a busy day you may have to park on the street next to the restaurant. The street isn’t too busy so you and your little one’s should be fine crossing. The cool part about the parking lot is that instead of your typical parking lot “lines” to separate the respective spaces, they’ve put in wooden planks. Really helps to prevent door dings.

Hope to re-visit Mia’s for a pitcher of Sangria.. Yum Yum…


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