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Steeped in Austin, Texas’ historic Waterloo Compound, Moonshine serves up innovative down-home cooking in a casual atmosphere. It’s one of the only places I visit for delicious Austin Moonshine!

On a nice day in Austin there are so many places you can visit where outside seating is a must. Last weekend was totally a “sit outside” type weekend. My husband and I stopped into Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill for an early afternoon bite and Austin Moonshine.

In place of bread, Moonshine serves popcorn. It was just ok. I appreciate the restaurant trying something different. It was plain, lightly buttered popcorn with cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. We munched on a few kernels while reviewing the menu.

My husband considers himself to be a connoisseur of the Old Fashion cocktail. He makes a point to try one almost everywhere we go. Especially places that claim to have the best. Per my husband, they are usually wrong. Moonshine’s Old Fashioned received a 5 out of 10 stars. I’ve learned that a good Old Fashion is should be the color of warm caramel. This appeared to be a bit watered down. Too much ice possibly.


There was no way I was leaving a place called “Moonshine” without actually trying some Austin moonshine. We decided to purchase two single shots of their White Lightning Austin Moonshine for five dollars. We sipped our shots in an attempt to savor the flavors of caramel and honey.  It wasn’t too boozy like other moonshines (I’m looking at you firefly),  and was very warm and rich. Loved it!


We weren’t starving and had dinner plans later in the evening so we decided to split a couple plates. We ordered the Moonshine Corn Dog Shrimp and Berkeley House Salad with extra avocado. The corn dogs were fun and tasty. A large shrimp that was skewered, battered and fried just like a corn dog. The dipping sauce was good although the “blueberry swirl” was totally over powered by the honey mustard. The Berkeley salad was just a salad and shame on me for picking a salad based on whether avocado is listed as an ingredient.


  • Old Fashioned – $6.50
  • Moonshine Corn Dog Shrimp – $10.95
  • White Lightning – $5.00
  • Berkeley House Salad – $7.95












Berkeley House Salad – with seasonal greens, tomato, cucumber, pickled red onions, sunflower sprouts, croutons & simple lemon vinaigrette



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