SweetRide Houston: Gourmet Dessert Food Truck & Catering

Sweet Ride Houston

SweetRide Houston is a Gourmet Dessert Food Truck offering Truffles, Sorbets, Italian ice and Snow Cones! Items like their tantalizing non-fat, non-dairy sorbet fruit shells, authentic homemade Italian Ice, thick & tasty shakes, boutique ice creams, gourmet ice cream truffles, crazy yummy sundaes, poppin’ & rockin’ sno-cones and faboulous floats are just a few reasons this is a favorite on our “food truck” list.


SweetRide Houston is one of the ONLY gourmet dessert trucks I’ve seen on the streets, but the truly interesting part is how I even found them in the first place. Owner & Master Dessert Junkie “ChicagoKim,” is not only an Ice Cream wiz but she’s also an AMAZING artist. I actually met her at WHAM (Winter Holiday Art Market) years ago, it was there she told me about her food truck. We’ve been friends ever since. Kim started SweetRide in 2010 as a means to supplement her income while perusing her passion for art. Now, six years later her food truck is one that I and tons of other Houstonians love to see coming.

SweetRide Houston
“The Rainbow”

As a person who’s super sensitive to milk, I find myself a little bummed when I hear the ice cream truck in my neighborhood, because 97% of the items on the food truck will leave my stomach in knots and me grimacing in pain. I have no such trouble with this food truck. So  when I see them I get KRUNK. I can eat every single item that ChicagoKim serves…and I have, twice.


By working with both local, and Chicago based dessert chefs ChicagoKim has developed a menu that impresses the taste buds of the most discerning foodies as well as the simple palates of children. In the summer months you can find her serving up the yum at corporate and private events. My most recent encounter with SweetRide was at a high school track meet and the line was loooong. ChicagoKim and her crew of two were churning out those sno-cones and Italian ice like nobody’s business.

SweetRide Houston

My husband loves the sno-cones. I’m addicted to the Italian ice. During my most recent visit though, I was treated to what I believe to be “The Rainbow”.  I missed seeing what flavors were selected because I was preoccupied with chatting and taking selfies (see above).

SweetRide has tons of tantalizing, fresh fruit  flavors. I recommend mixing a few of them together, like the strawberry + mango combo, that’s one of my favorites. By all means though, try them all! When I think SweetRide, I think “outdoor, summer, party in the sun.” Having fun with my family and friends, eating bbq, by the pool with SweetRide… that would be the ultimate summer shin-dig.

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