Sitka Salmon Shares (SSS) Review

Sitka Salmon Shares Review

Sitka Salmon Shares delivers premium, sustainable, wild Alaskan seafood from the fishermen directly to members’ doorsteps!

My family doesn’t consume much seafood as we tend to be very leery of what we find in our local grocery stores. As a Texas resident, gulf coast seafood is readily available to us. It’s also what you will find served in most restaurants here. We prefer to enjoy wild-caught or freshwater seafood when available.


I was recently invited to try a sample of Sitka Salmon Shares (SSS),  a completely integrated boat-to-doorstep seafood company. Sitka Salmon Shares is built around a humble collective of committed fishermen that put quality first and handle fish one at a time with respect and care. Many of these fishermen have been using these highly selective, small-batch fishing methods for generations.  SSS delivers quality, sustainable Alaskan and North Pacific seafood directly to your doorstep (or to your local farmers market or restaurant). Their wild-caught seafood is sustainably harvested and comes from responsibly managed fisheries in Alaska. The seafood is caught using fishing methods that minimize negative ecological impacts.
I recently polled my Instagram followers to get a better understanding of the criteria they use when selecting a meal/meat subscription delivery service. After reading over 100 +responses I summarized those needs into the following areas:
  • Product Sourcing – Knowing the details of how and where the product is harvested.
  • Subscription Transparency – Openness and honesty regarding subscription details, cancellations, changes in policy, etc.
  • Allergen Information – Is this product SAFE for those who suffer from food allergies?
  • Flexibility in Delivery – How often are products received? Is the delivery schedule consumer-driven?
  • Competitive Pricing –  Is pricing the same as, or better than market competitors?


In my Sitka Salmon Shares review post, I will cover all those areas to ensure you have all you need to determine if Sitka is right for you.



Sitka’s fish comes from responsibly managed fisheries in Alaska and is caught using fishing methods that minimize negative ecological impacts. The fish you receive has been individually caught and filleted by one of Sitka’s fishermen-owners or trusted partner fishermen.  The wild-caught seafood is then blast-frozen within 2 hours of being caught. This process locks in freshness and ensures that your seafood tastes and smells delicious–fresh, clean, and briny, like the scent of the ocean–or your money back!


There are four subscription options available. The most popular (and cost-effective IMO) is the Premium Sitka Seafood Share. For $129 a month subscribers will receive 9 seafood deliveries of 4.5–5 lb April – December. The Premium Sitka Seafood Share is the only share projected to include king salmon, Bairdi crab*, and albacore tuna, as well as double the halibut and sablefish (black cod) of any other share.

Click here to see the remaining list of 2021 Shares!


Our daughter suffers from a shellfish allergy. We were thrilled to learn that the Premium Sitka Seafood Share w/o shellfish was an option for us. The Premium Sitka Seafood w/o shellfish is projected to include king salmon and albacore tuna, as well halibut, sablefish (black cod), coho salmon, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon, and Pacific cod.

This is a great allergy-friendly option for those who suffer from shellfish allergies.


Each month Sitka Salmon Share subscribers will receive a box of wild-caught seafood directly to their doorstep. SSS offers its customers the flexibility to control when their fish is delivered. They also make it easy for you to change your scheduled delivery date or skip a month when necessary. One major key is Share deliveries are always free of charge!

Additional details regarding Sitka Salmon Shares deliveries:

You do not need to be home during the delivery to receive your share.

All shares are packed in dry ice to keep it frozen for at least 7 hours.

A week prior to each wild-caught seafood delivery, you’ll receive a reminder email about your delivery.

Need to change your delivery date? Not a problem. Just contact Salmon Support.

Disposing of your delivery packaging in an environmentally-friendly way is simple. View our guide on disposing of, recycling, upcycling, and composting our packaging.


Subscription packages range from $119 – $129 a box. The pricepoint is dependant upon the type, amount of fish, and frequency of delivery.

Your first payment — which you make when you sign up  — locks in your first month’s delivery. After that, monthly charges will take place approximately two weeks before your deliveries, and we will notify you three days before we process your payment. You can cancel your community-supported fishery share deliveries, and your monthly payments, at any time.



I hope you enjoyed this product review of Sitka Salmon Shares! Make sure you use my discount code at checkout for $25 dollars off your first CSF Share Subscription. I am certain your family will enjoy this wild-caught Alaskan seafood as much as we did! – Stay Tune for a few recipes!


Sitka Salmon Shares Review
Sitka Salmon Shares Review

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