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national fajita day

Are you searching for the best fajitas in Houston? Well I think I found them at Fajita Pete’s! During a recent visit to the 10 year old Fajita joint (West U.), I instantly fell in love with their delicious fajitas and fresh ingredients. In honor of National Fajita Day I am giving away $50 bucks so you can try Fajita Pete’s for yourself!


Fajita Pete's
photo taken by: BlackGirlsWhoBrunch

Foodie holidays are the best aren’t they? Especially when you can rely on Influencers to get the word out. National Fajita Day is a very special day in Houston, mainly because Fajita’s are a main food group around here.

Fajita Pete’s has been a Houston staple for 10 years and has 10 locations in Texas, including two in Dallas-Fort Worth and eight in Houston! They have made quite the name for themselves. Specifically in the fajita delivery department.  The owner, lovingly known as “Fajita Pete” is not only super cool and charming, but has delicious food coming out of his kitchens.

Fajita Pete’s offers fresh-off-the-grill fajitas delivered to your table, home or office! In addition to fajitas, the menu also offers thirst-quenching Margaritas TO-GO, Quesadillas, Poblano Steak, Portobello Chicken, Enchiladas, Tostadas, Burritos, Nachos and more.

In honor of National Fajita Day, Fajita Pete’s is offering an awesome deal! Any guest who orders one pound of any type of fajitas – beef, shrimp, chicken, veggie or mixed – will receive a FREE half-pound of chicken fajitas! After sampling Fajita Pete’s Chicken and Beef fajitas, I may have to roll on over there to take advantage of this deal!

To find the Fajita Pete’s closest to you, or to place a catering order, visit


If you think the above aforementioned deal was good, I’ve got an even one. Who wants a $50 gift card to try Fajita Pete’s? I am giving away an amazing gift because I’m nice, and believe in sharing the love. Enter to win this sweet giveaway by following these simple rules:

  1. Comment below, telling me why you deserve this $50 gift card

  2. Follow me on Instagram

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I will choose a winner tonight. Only those who follow these 3 steps will be eligible! Yes, I will be checking all accounts, lol.



30 thoughts on “Get Free Fajitas on National Fajita Day | Fajita Pete’s Houston |GIVEAWAY

  1. Because I love fajitas!!! Oh and a great margarita on the side would be awesome too!! I’m a teacher, mom, wife and too tired to cook sometimes!!

  2. II T Dot, deserve this gift card because in my past life they used to call me Taco Thomas. That really used to make me feel special since EVERYONE knows how much I love Tacos! Well I’m in search of a new name, and I really would like to go by Fajita Frank! So in order for me to do so, me and my wife must experience these great fajitas that you speak of so that she can dub me by new name!

  3. I deserve this $50 gift card to Fajita Pete’s because I’m the first person to comment! 😂 No, but seriously I’d love to come practice my food photography with their menu! I checked it out and really want to try the shrimp fajitas!

  4. My husband and I love grabbing Fajita Pete’s on the weekend. I introduced him to this place and now he’s obsessed!

  5. I would love a gift card to try them. We love fajitas! When I cook fajitas my flavor is always on point, but I always cut them wrong and they end up tough😏.

  6. I would love the gift card. I love your posts and look forward to them each day. I have seen Fajita Pete’s but have never had the pleasure of indulging. I may just get some today since you recommended them. 👍🏽👍🏽👀👀 You make me laugh everyday! 😂😂

  7. I deserve to win because fajitas are yum, I enjoy your content, my faux-middle name is Free, and I promise to post pics

  8. Hiiii!!! I feel that I definitely deserve to win this gift card because I am your number one fan!!! I have done some background research on you (nothing creepy) 😂 You are awesome ma’am!!! Your one of my best friends in my head!!! I also follow and support all of your social media and I actually go and visit the places you recommend!!! This gift card would be utilized the moment no it hit my hands!!! I LOOOVVEEE fajitas so much it’s all I order when we go to a tex-mex restaurant. Rather if it’s chicken, beef, mixed, or shrimp fajitas it is!!! I would also be able to treat a friend to some fajitas so they could enjoy as well!!!

  9. II deserve to win simply because I like food. Food tastes even better when I didn’t have to use my money to pay for it.

  10. This may be my last week in Houston and would love to go out with a bang
    By spending my coupon on a poop load of tacos to take with to our new state!!! 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  11. I’ve never had Fajita Pete’s and look forward to trying it! I dereseve to win because I have a 4 week old baby at the house and could use a meal or 2…. ha. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

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