Aces of Taste, featuring Captain Toya Terry


Aces of Taste has become a common name in Houston, due to their exciting chef driven, multi-course pop up dinners and brunches. Each Aces of Taste event is paired with a theme that determines the food menu,  beverage pairings and musical selections. During the Super Bowl LI weekend, Aces of Taste hosted two special dinner “flights.” One flight was to  Thailand and the other, Peru. Each flight consisted of three culturally inspired dishes and cocktails from the respective countries.

I was invited to board the flight to Peru. Under the tutelage of Chef Toya Terry, guest were whisked away for an evening of fresh fish and Pisco Portón cocktails.

Aces of Taste
“La Sarita” Chai Tea infused La Caravedo Quebanta, tawny port, lime juice, monin orgeat, angostura bitters finished with a burnt cinnamon stick

Now Boarding

Guests boarded their flight to Peru with two succulent appetizers. First up was Captain Terry’s Leche de Tigre Shooter. Aces waitstaff passed around ample tastings of the Shrimp Antichucho. Bouncy, firm and perfectly spiced shrimp skewers balanced with a drizzle  of chimichurri sauce. Once aboard we sipped on our first Peruvian cocktail. The Chilcano De Maracuya , was a light, refreshing mix of Pisco Portón Mosto Verde, lime juice, simple syrup, passion fruit puree and Top Goslings ginger beer.

Take Off: Ceviche Clasico

In preparation for take off we were served our first course, Ceviche Clasico.  A beautiful plate of thinly sliced Corvina, sprinkled with chunks of sweet potato, cilantro and little crunchy conchas for added texture. The freshness of the fish meshed well with our second cocktail, the La Sarita. Chai Tea infused La Caravedo Quebanta, tawny port, lime juice, monin orgeat, angostura bitters finished with a burnt cinnamon stick.

Captain’s Special & Sides

By far the most hearty dish of the evening was the Captain’s Special & Sides. A bowl of flaky, grilled white fish,  purple potato, causa limeña, crispy roasted cauliflower over a clam and aji armarillo broth. The “#Piscolada” was our final cocktail of the evening, and my favorite. A fruity, tropical blend of Pisco Portón, velvet falernum, pineapple juice, lime juice and coconut cream. Reminiscent to a Piña Colada.

Sweet Landing

As our plane landed we were served our final course of the evening. The Captain’s Quinoa Con Leche. A slightly sweet red quinoa milk pudding, star anise crisp and chicha morada (purple corn) gelée. Subtly sweet and simply divine.

At the conclusion of each Aces of Taste event guests are offered the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q & A with the hosting chef. We learned that Chef Toya will be moving to Peru this month, as an extension of her culinary journey. We are wishing her much love and much success!


Special thanks to:

  • Arif Sarumi and the entire Aces of Taste staff
  • Kroger for the gift card
  • Squeezed Online for the delicious juice
  • DJ Charlie Brown

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