Avocado Bowl + NFL Superstar Arian Foster



Did you know that the state of Michoacán, Mexico provides 85% of the world’s avocados? Did you know that Americans consume the most avocados on Super Bowl Sunday? I received an invitation to attend an avocado themed Super Bowl party, hosted by the state of Michoacán, Mexico at The Dunlavy. As a huge fan of avocados, this party had my name written all over. Plus I heard rumbles of a special, celebrity guest appearance by NFL Superstar Arian Foster.


Guests were greeted with a warm welcome of avocados based cocktails and decadent avocado snacks. Chosen Foods was in attendance serving various avocado based spreads and sprays. Though I love a semi-firm, buttery avocado paired with a slice of beefsteak tomato, and dash of salt, I’ve never cared for guacamole! So, the five different selections of guacamole offerings were skipped by me. Though my peeps raved about the roasted chili guac! As I fawned over the fried avocado fries, avocado deviled eggs and cuts of beef tenderloin topped with an avocado chimichurri sauce I could feel an energy over my shoulder. I turned around only to be face to face with the man of the hour himself, Arian Foster

Countless women, children and grown men who were ripping their pocket stitching to get to their phones for a photo. Not being the biggest football fan, I wasn’t as star struck. I casually walked over to Arian and asked if he was cool if I took a pic. He replied yes, then complimented my fro.

“I like your hair.” – Arian Foster

Following the mayhem that comes with celebrity sightings, I went inside for another drink. One of the specialty cocktails contained sorbet made of avocados. Served in wine glass, the “Sgroppino” was light and refreshing. The splash of Moet and hint of citrus meshed well with the subtlety of the avocado sorbet.

In addition to the passed avocado hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails, there were games! I had A BLAST playing the virtual reality interactive football themed games. Takeaway tidbit: I should have been a wide receiver!

The evening came to a close with cheers and shouts from the audience, as we bit our nails down to the nub during the last (super intense) minute of the game. But in my mind I could only think of one thing.  Given our current political “sitchiation,” these avocados from Mexico will soon be growing behind a massive wall.  Will this wall be too high to jump over, inevitably leaving these green gems beyond my reach?

Me, angry.


I hope not, because that would make me very angry… and you don’t want to see me angry!









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