Weights + Measures: BakeShop & Cafe

Weights + Measures is located in Midtown and serves Breakfast in their Bakeshop and Brunch, Lunch and Dinner in their main dining room. Their Bakeshop offers a variety of pastries, fresh baked breads, hand cut pretzels and fantastic locally, roasted coffee, lattes and teas.

20160215_090921Weights + Measures is a cozy , Midtown restaurant with a “living room/dining room” styled layout. The “living room” is where you’ll find their Bakeshop. A small space, whose walls are lined with flaky crusts and soft breads, some filled with meat…some filled with sweet preserves. The “dining room” is where you have the option of sitting to enjoy your pastry & hot beverage or juice (6:00 am – 3:00 pm – daily), it’s also the main seating area for brunch, lunch and dinner. This is just the spot for an early business meeting and that’s why I was there. It was very peaceful.  Their large wooden tables provide ample working space for small groups.

Common Bond is one of the only  other places that I can use for a quick, early morning meeting. Though Common Bond has a tendency to be much noisier and parking can be a beast!


The Bakeshop also offers an extensive yet succinct beverage menu. I’m not a coffee drinker, and didn’t want my normal old hot cup of tea. So I had to chose what I wanted quickly. I decided on a cappuccino with almond milk. What I got was a masterpiece!  I am always in awe of what I like to call “Barista Uchawi” (“magic” – Swahili). It takes a special type of person to make these lovely little designs in foam. They get all my respect!


Options like lattes, flat whites, and mocha’s are available as well as hot chocolate for those who may want something hot, but without caffeine. Here is where you place your order, should you want a pastry or baked good. They also offer hot breakfast sandwiches! With so many options It was hard to choose, especially with those huge pretzels glaring at me!  Check out more below as I’ve highlighted a little more on Weights + Measures sweet and savory, Bakeshop!

These beauties give Easy Tiger a run for their money!
You have to get your hands on the Lemon Thyme!
Breads like sourdough make great French Open-Faced Sandwiches!







The cost for a quick breakfast or group meeting is nothing at Weights + Measures. You can get a hot beverage and 1 or 2 breads for under $10 bucks.  Another plus, is the parking. There’s no circling or waiting in the morning, stop here if you’re in a hurry.




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