All Bloggers Lie | The truth behind Blogging & The Lies we tell ourselves

“To be successful at blogging you must love it, all of it.”

Today’s hot topic is geared towards providing a realistic glimpse into the world of blogging. I am often asked how I became a blogger, and what advice would I offer someone who wanted to blog. Lately these questions have led me to think deeply about what the hell I’m doing and why?

Often times when I am talking to people about blogging, I’ve found that they are more interested in the “visible” aspects of the profession. And rightfully so…they want to do what they see us doing on social media. Having fun! But what most people are unaware of is the time it takes to build a following, to build trust with an audience, and to build relationships. These three things are vital to the success of any blogger.


BUILDING TRUST (…and a little bit about me!)


My blogging journey started with Yelp. This platform is where I first began reviewing my experiences and sharing my photos. Once I realized that people were using my Yelp profile a guide, I felt a sense of responsibility to provide accurate reviews, in more specific detail.

Additionally, I decided that instead of using someone else’s platform to share my thoughts, I should create my own space. A space ruled by my own voice and my own opinions. Those two things are what set us bloggers a part. Upon further assessment (and actually engaging with my followers) I’ve noticed that while 50% of them adhere to my restaurant suggestions, the other 50% just like me.




Regardless of the lies we bloggers tell ourselves, numbers matter. Followers and algorithms are the new government names and social security numbers. Without them you’re no one. I find that to be the hardest pill to swallow. Especially because most PR agencies or brands look to Instagram as their target area when building partnerships.

Although I am no expert, I do believe that the key to growing a solid following is based on a few key factors:


  • Authenticity
  • Niche Focus
  • Consistency
  • Quality Content


From those listed above, consistency is probably the most important. Instagram and other platforms reward those who post consistently on their platform. Sprout Social shared an article titled “Best times to post on social media for 2019.”


BUILDING RELATIONSHIP | You can’t be a hermit!

Aspiring (or seasoned) bloggers that say things like “I hate talking to people,” or “I need my privacy,” may find blogging to be a bit invasive.  Which is why [some] bloggers create alternate personas to separate their personal lives from the personalities you see on social media. Brands love personality. So in addition to selling their product you also have to be comfortable selling yourself. Which is essentially your product!

Knowing who you are, and what you stand for as a blogger is the key to your brand. I would suggest focusing your energy on that. The brands and partnerships will come. Nothing’s worse than a forced partnership. Remember, authenticity is the key.


CLOSING | All Bloggers Lie


Bloggers are real people. Your favorite blogger personalities are real people when the cameras go off. It’s important to note that if you’re interested in pursuing a career in blogging that you understand the importance of building trust and relationships with other bloggers and brands.

The life of a blogger (while fun at times) is a lot of work. The lie comes in with how easy we make it look. Often times we are up at odd hours of the night writing blog posts, responding to emails, posting to social media and creating content for the next day.


Q & A | Ask Me Anything!


Influencers, what other tips would you offer those aspiring to become bloggers? What are some other key points?

For those of you interested in learning more about blogging, what other questions can I help you with? Leave your comments on the blog below (scroll down).



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