Houston Fajita Fest – Rain or Shine, but mostly Rain

The Houston Fajita Fest took place this past weekend, but amidst the grey skies and rain, this was the BEST thing to come to Humble, Texas. I enjoyed some VIP fun, great food and dope entertainment. Check out the recap below.


The ugly weather that has plagued Houston for the past week or so totally killed what was to be the festival of the year for residents of North Harris County. It’s not every day that Humble, Texas hosts something as fun and unique as the Houston Fajita Festival. As the rain deterred many food trucks and other vendors, there was enough to keep the guests that did attend, entertained.

Amidst the rain….

There were various areas of fun throughout the event space, with acts occurring on the Main stage, in the “chillzone” and the VIP Bullritos Lounge. While enjoying my grilled chicken Bullrito and a cup of Grandma’s Boy’s slamming spiked Jalapeno-Cucumber lemonade in the VIP Lounge, I was entertained by a Sambabom Dance Performance and Blaze & Black, a local hip hop group.

Although the forecast predicted a 100% chance of rain, it was not nearly as bad as predicted. It sprinkled for a moment, leaving the ground just wet enough for a good ol’ “slip-n-fall” in the parking lot. Regardless of the weather there were a couple food trucks that showed up to serve those who were interested. As a blogger I appreciated the fact that despite the rain, these trucks came out to support this event.

As the evening progressed more folks started to show up, which was great. I witnessed something that I’d never seen in my life…wrestling. Texas All Star Wrestling were one the highlights of my evening. I was tickled as I watched grown men in tights smack each other around. Followed by a dusty scuffle on the ground. Though the kids really enjoyed it and that’s what it’s all about.

Modelo Especial was one of the main sponsors for the Houston Fajita Fest, so I couldn’t leave without stopping by their special area to sample their beers.

The Houston Fajita Festival has the potential to be one my favorite festivals. I can’t wait to see what next year holds! Make sure to visit the Houston Fajita Fest  for all the details.



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