An Honest Review of HelloFresh, and Why it’s perfect for New Moms

Have you tried one of the many meal delivery services? There are literally tons of them, most of which offer the same things: Easy to follow recipes, high quality ingredients and convenient meal kits. As a new mom my time in the kitchen (and restroom for that matter) is very limited. HelloFresh offers an ever-changing menu, with new craveable dishes to chose from each week. It’s fun, easy to make and their delicious recipes will change the way you feel about cooking. From novice to experienced cook, regain your confidence in the kitchen or sharpen your culinary skills.  I am here to share an honest review of Hello Fresh and why it’s perfect for new moms!

Let’s face it, becoming a new parent changes your life completely. Before the birth of my daughter I could come home from work, change clothes, pour a glass of wine, watch an hour or two of DVR’d episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games or Top Chef and then get started on dinner when, and if I felt like it. Nowadays when I get home I feel like I am moving a mile a minute cleaning bottles, labeling a days worth of pumped milk, feeding my LO, washing my arse, getting my clothes ready for the next day, folding clothes, washing clothes and sleeping when the baby sleeps. That last one is a complete LIE!

When it comes to cooking dinner I’ve started to meal prep on Sundays. And by meal prep I mean getting whatever I can chopped, cooked and put away while Emory naps. This routine makes weekday dinner prep even easier. I simply come home, turn on the oven and heat whatever I cooked on Sunday.

ABOUT HELLO FRESH | the leading global provider of fresh food at home

Hello Fresh has three plans to choose from. The Classic, Veggie, and Family Plan. You can learn more about each plan here. The classic plan consists of a variety of meat , fish and seasonal produce for two – four people. The price evens out to about $9.99 per person/per meal ($59.94).

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MY COOKING EXPERIENCE | Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas

Oddly, I enjoy cooking… but only when I feel like it. Admittedly, I have a hard time following directions. One of the awesome things about HelloFresh is that the directions are provided for you. Making it really difficult to f**k s**t up. Though I managed to still semi-burn the first HelloFresh meal I prepped!

The Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas and Rosemary Meatloaf were delicious. In addition to each meal being jam packed with freshness and flavor, the cooking process was simple and easy. The reason I love Hello Fresh is because of the ease in which I am able to make amazing dishes for my family!

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS | My review of HelloFresh 

There’s no denying it is FUN to get this box and make great tasting meals that are put together for you. It’s like the cooking shows where all the ingredients are prepped for you. This is why I think a box of meals would make a great gift for new mom’s!

  1. The ingredients are fresh and great quality – Lean ground beef, organic chicken, fresh herbs and veggies.

  2. The recipes were easy to follow, easy to make, and took max. 30 minutes to make.

  3.  I opted for the 2 personal meal plan which literally left no leftovers or food waste. Though some recipes did leave me with some leftover ingredients like milk or 1/2 an onion.

  4. Cost: Hello Fresh advertises the classic box at just under $10 a serving – the entire meal is $20. As an example, I felt the quesadillas were similar to the ones my hubby and I purchase from a local taco shop, where we each get a whole quesadilla for about $4 bucks each ($8 total). So about half the price of the Hello Fresh – and I didn’t have to cook it (and we get chips, salsa and a drink). With the coupon the meals were about $13, making them much closer to the above example. I don’t think I’d do this at the regular price just for us every week, but it certainly helped me on those nights where I have no time and need to quickly cook and move on!

So would I do it again? Yes! I think it’s a fun way to get out of a rut and get inspired to cook again. All of the meals I made would be easy to make again. I kept the recipe cards and plan to do just that!


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