Magpie Cafe | Places to visit in Baton Rouge, LA

During a recent road trip to Alabama, my mother and I visited Magpie Cafe. We’d initially read about this quaint little espresso coffee bar on yelp. Magpie Cafe features seasonal, locally-sourced, organic baked goods and lunch offerings. They also offer free WiFi! We highly suggest you add it to your list of places to visit in Baton Rouge, LA.

Magpie is a popular hangout for LSU students. The free WiFi and their local and organic sweet treats, chocolate bars and juices are an easy draw.

I get my sweet tooth from my mom. I can always count on her to get “dessert for the road”. So when she returned to the table with a cookie, I wasn’t surprised.  But what did surprise me was when she returned to our table with a Paleo cookie. I laughed as she bit into it, knowing she had not a clue what “Paleo” meant. It wasn’t until hours later that she realized Paleo wasn’t a flavor, or baking method but a diet. HILARIOUS!!

In addition to coffee, other items like fancy chocolates, organic oat bars, coffee cakes and cookies can be found along the self-service counter. The Askinosie Chocolate was new to me. I’d never heard of it before and in doing a bit of research, learned that Askinosie sources their cocoa beans from farmers in the Philippines, Ecuador, Tanzania and the Amazon. Paying the cocoa farmers significantly above the per-ton Fair Trade market price for their cocoa beans. In addition to the pay rate Askinosie profit shares with these farmers. At the end of the selling cycle the farmers are paid directly in cash! That is a great story and led me to purchasing a few bars.

Learn more by watching the video below. 

Askinosie Chocolate Bars


You won’t find any printed menus at Magpie Cafe. Just chalkboards lined with the daily lunch and breakfast specials. All of the food items are made fresh in house, and once they’re gone they’re gone. The line was a bit long, but I quickly realized that there were only two ladies taking food orders and serving, and one barista fulfilling all the coffee orders. They were feverishly working to ensure everyone received their order in good time.We ordered the white bean salad and the house panini.  The salad was fresh and perfectly dressed with a house made citrus vinaigrette. The ham and apple butter panini was off the chain. The avocado was my own addition. I am known for carrying avocados in my purse.

Magpie also offers fresh seasonal coffees and teas. I had to try their pumpkin spiced latte and hibiscus tea. Both were better than what you’d get at Starbucks!


We highly suggest Magpie Cafe during your next trip down I-10 from Houston. The coffee is great and the service is even better. It’s an awesome place to stretch your legs and full your bag with their delicious assortment of seasonal, locally-sourced, organic baked goods.